The Scene Is Priority

Some people think that if you apply the correct lighting and the correct photographic rules that no matter what you photograph your pictures will be good, after all, you followed all the rules in the book, right? Wrong.

The main thing we all as photographers should be focusing our attention first is the scene, and many photographers do not do this, they are all misguided into thinking that the texture or leading lines or the rules of thirds or the golden hour will make their photo great, and they are mistaken, the main and most important thing to focus your attention on is the scene that you are going to photograph, you have to see if it has all the ingredients of a good photo, and i am talking of the main ingredients, not the secondary ones, so what are the main ones and what are the secondary ones?
Before I mention which are which, I have to explain that your Focus or Attention is very important because if you are focused on the leading lines or the rule of thirds then you will miss the good scenes, they could pass in front of you and you will not see them, so that is why if you are not focused on the main ingredients of a photograph you will miss them.
The Main ingredients;

  1. Emotion
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Impact
  4. With a well-defined subject


  1. Rule of thirds
  2. light
  3. texture
  4. leading lines
  5. and all the rest

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