How to Be Creative In Photography #3

Check what everybody is doing and by everybody i mean the new thing in photography and don’t do it, run and do the opposite,
just like Mr. Chesterton said, the idea is to not be diluted by the crowd, the idea is to be unique and you will not be unique if you do what everybody is doing, just like when everybody was doing HDR everybody went and did the same thing, in a matter of months the internet was flooded with HDR images.
To be creative is to come up with new things, to be uncreative is to do what everybody is doing.
In creativity you have to use your imagination and see with your minds eye first and then take the photo, and after that you look at the photo to evaluate it to see if you need to take it to photoshop and add something or take out parts, Lightroom and Photoshop are necessary tools for the creative photographer.
To be different is key to be a creative photographer, always be searching for ways to be different, but it’s not just about being different its also about expressing an opinion with the photo.
I have a lot of photos of the beach and it’s inhabitants, and that is because for me the beach symbolizes freedom, and happiness that is the message i want to convey in those photographs. So remember;

1.-Always be on the lookout for things and people that are different, or for places and things that you can take to photoshop to alter

2.-Do the opposite of what everybody is photographing

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