How To Be The Best Photographer In The World

You are probably thinking that to be the best photographer in the world you have to have a lot of experience and take very good photos, well it’s not like that.
The photos taken by the greatest photographer in the world just have to be different, unique, and if you want to have them technically perfect that’s ok but not necessary> They have to have  a distinct style that can be recognized thru out all the photos that you produce.
If you analyze the photos of the greats of the past and the greats of the present you will see that they injected a special unique characteristic in their photos that made them different and by making them different they made them unique which is what made them great and very attractive.
So it’s not about the technical perfectness or the beauty or the colors, but the different elements in the photo, that is the main ingredient.
We humans like different and reject regular everyday things, so first focus your mind in finding your different element in your photos and take all of your photos with that different characteristic.
Examples of good photos that are good just because they are different.

1.- Dark Skies

I took this photo at the Oceanside Ca Pier at around 8 am, that’s the sun in the background so i decided to blacken the sky just like some photos of Ansel Adams, and i  liked it because you don’t see to many daylight photos with the dark sky.

2.- Musician, street performer

Photo taken in downtown San Diego of a street performer that was already different just by the all white style he had, so i just did a bit of photoshop with filters and then ran the photo thru a program called Plotagraph the makes the moving sections of the picture.

There are some photographers that will almost faint if you mention the word Photoshop, they consider it to be almost blasphemy but i say why not, i believe in being free and doing whatever you want to your photos.
I say liberate yourself from photographic oppression and be free of the oppressors that want to put chains on your right to express yourself as you please, long live the photographic revolution.
Vive la révolution monsieur


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