Steps To Be Creative #2

Step #4

Take all the rules of photography and throw them into the trash, forget about them, never ever remember them.
OMG , (that means Oh My God) and expression of surprise or something similar, so OMG i will be probably be hanged by the tallest tree or maybe sent to photography hell where ever that may be, because of what i have said. But it’s ok i don’t care.
Many many years ago in a distant past and far away place i decided to study photography and acquired a course, don’t remember by who, but after i had studied all the basics and all the rules and tried to go out and have all those rules in my head while photographing things and people i realized that there was something wrong, and i hated the photos i was making, i could not pinpoint what was wrong, it was a feeling that bothered me, so one day i just decided to forget the rules and just give my instincts freedom to express themselves as they wiched, that was it, i got rid of the bad feeling and a joy of freedom overtook my journey of photography. I later found out that those rules were like weights that were keeping me from letting my own creativity be me.

Step #5
Connect with your Feelings
This is something that women will find easier to do than men but do not worry men we can learn to connect with our feelings without losing our manliness.
It just so happens that creativity and anything to do with art resides on the right side of your brain and on the left side is the analytic and math and logic but the only way to communicate with the right side of your brain is thru feelings, the right side does not follow a logical path it’s where intuition comes from and also inspiration and creativity and it’s language is feelings.
So give your feelings a chance to help you decide what to photograph, next time you go out with your camera hunt for scenes that will move you, remember happiness, sadness, joy, anger are feelings, if you focus your mind in searching images depending on the feeling that that image produces in you than you will be on the right path.

Step #6 

Use light as a tool to create a feeling
The way light is shining on whatever you are photographing will create a mood or feeling or it will not, be very perceptive of light, and use it to create your feeling, if it’s natural light then you will have to study how light falls on your scene and sometimes you have to wait for the right light to hit and produce the best feeling, so you see it’s about looking for feelings and then once you find the correct feeling for YOU
then you take the photo.

To be continued……

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