The 21st Century Photography

You can not deny reality, you can try but reality does not care who you are or care about political correctness, reality is cold hearted. The reality i am talking about is the fact that you can no longer just depend on your camera for your photos, you also have to process them thru lightroom or photoshop, and they are being used by thousands of photographers.

If you are not shooting in RAW and then processing your photos at least in lightroom or any similar program, you are not making good photos, i am sorry to tell you this but it’s true. All the pros use lightroom and photoshop a lot, if they didn’t their photos would not have the same impact and would look dull.
So the reality is that lightroom and photoshop are here to stay and it’s part of the photographic process.
Maybe some years ago it was just a matter of pushing the shutter button and that’s it, well not anymore, you have to learn how to use lightroom and photoshop.
If you are computer illiterate and you don’t even know how to turn one on then you are in a big disadvantage compared to the large number of photographers who do not have any problems with computers and software.
The modern photographer has to be not only knowledgeable in computers and software, he has to also know about gigabytes and terabytes, and facebook, twitter and Instagram.
That’s the way it is.


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