Sex And Photography

So there i was in the middle of Revolution st. in the city of Tijuana, camera in hand looking for a good interesting photo or a good story to take a video and later put on this blog. The reason we were in TJ was because we go there for Dentists and medical appointments, the doctors are very good and the prices are about 85% lower than in the USA, so my wife was with the Dentist and i had about an hour of time to kill so i decided to go for a walk in the main tourist st of TJ revolution st. I took some pictures i mean photos of the famously painted donkey and talked a bit with the owner then i kept walking and suddenly here comes a young good looking lady about 40 years old

and says something to me, i did not here what she asked me so i said ” Sorry couldn’t hear you, what did you say? so she repeated the question “Do you want to have sex with me?” i could not believe what she asked, maybe i am hearing things so i asked again, and she repeated the same question and i said “No thank you” and then she asked “Why?” it’s only 80 dollars, look she said you see that hotel over there, we can go there, i was frozen and didn’t know what to say, i completely forgot about my camera , i just said “No thank you not right now maybe some other day” She did not look like a prostitute, she was slim and good looking and well dressed, so she said “well if you change your mind i’ll be there in that hotel just ask for Cristina”, ok i said thanks, and off i went to my walking, 10 minutes later it hit me, why didn’t i take some photos of her or better take a video and ask her some questions about her job, that would have been an interesting video, so i went back and i looked for her and could not find her, i didn’t go to the hotel she mentioned because i didn’t get a good feeling about going there. So i had an opportunity to interview a prostitute in Tijuana Mexico and i didn’t because i was frozen or something, well maybe next time.
This is not the first time it’s happened, to have a camera in hand and something important happens in front of me and i don’t take the photos or the video, like the time i saw 3 UFOs and i just stared and didn’t take a video and i had the camera in my hand.
Well maybe next time.
So there you have it “No Sex and no photos” but i did take a photo of the donkey, here it is


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