The Technical And The Creative Photographer

What you say? Arent they the same creature?  An emphatically big NO is the answer.
They are different species of creatures evolved from different evolutionary paths since back millions of years ago when we were all monkeys.
The technical fellow is like a robot, he or she can not go out from the established path or road given to him by the laws of nature, on the other hand the creative fellow does not have those restrictions, he lives in a world without roads, actually he makes his own roads, for a technically inclined fellow 2+2= 4 always for a creative person

2+2=6 or 8 depending on the day of the week, sometimes it’s 2 or 10, and sometimes 4.
Imagine the following scene;

A fellow photographer is walking on a sidewalk with his camera of course, and then suddenly he hears some strange sounds coming from up above a very high tree, and somebody yells “Hey” the photographer on the sidewalk is still puzzled, and he answers” Who who is there, who yelled hey”  suddenly another photographer with his camera, of course, jumps from one of the branches of the high tree and lands on the lawn and says” It is i that have yelled at you my friend” But But what are you doing up in a tree asks the tech guy, I am tasting the mood up there to see if it was a good place to take a photo, what ? the tech guy askes, what are you talking about sir, but by then the creative guy takes off and leaves the tech guy behind, “Hey wait, yells the tech guy, you can’t walk there, its outside the sidewalk that is against the law of civility, by then the creative guy is gone, in the meantime the tech guy is left in a confused state of mind.
Technically minded fellows will not or can not socialize with creative ones because they will get very angry and will try to fight with a creative because he can not accept that somebody is living outside the boundaries of the boundaries, it will start an angry reaction in his mind while on the other hand, the creative fellow will not even notice the presence of the technical guy.
The photos of a tech/photographer will be maybe technically perfect but the photos of a creative photographer may not be perfect but they will have life,a  soul, and because of that they will be interesting.

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