Creativity And Photography

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Photography + Creativity = A good Photo

On one side of the equation you have photography, in this part you should have mastered  your camera, you should know how to use shutter speed, aperture, and iso , you have taken good bokeh photos already and know when to use small or large apertures, in other words you know the basics, on the other side of the equation is creativity, this is the part in which you will apply your tools to create photos that are different from the regular ones that anybody can google search on the internet, and to truly be creative you made sure they have the elements of a good photo, which is either drama (happiness, sadness, joy, angry, surprised) or action ( running, jumping, falling, etc) . But to take a photo of somebody just sitting on a bench that can be anybody without any clear distinctive difference from the rest of the human population is a boring photo. 


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