The Unwanted Photo

This is a photo of my arm, it has an IV (Intravenous) inserted, in which they put a pain killer, a nausea killer and some water.
What does this have to do with photography?,

Everything, photography is not only beautiful pictures its also about life and what happens in life and what happens to you, how you see your life and the life of others, in other words a journalistic type of photo, so in this case it’s a photo of my arm and here’s the story.


It was Wednesday May 26, just two days ago, i noticed i was urinating red, at first i thought i had probably drank something red or something, but that was not the case, so it had to be blood, and that’s not good, but i didn’t feel sick, had no discomfort at all, as the day went by i kept urinating red that’s when i told my wife and that’s when she got me a appointment with my doctor, the doctor definitely said it was blood and that i had to take some x rays and an MRI the following day, so the following day arrived but i started to feel really sick, cold sweats, nausea, and back pain, so i told my wife ” Lets go to the emergency room at the hospital” we went and that’s when they put the IV you see in the photo, the nurse said while injecting something in the IV “this is for the pain and then she put another injection and said “This is for the nausea” and in 5 minutes i was feeling perfect, no more nausea or pain, so the doctor told me that he had scheduled a CT scan, they took the CT scan and after that i waited for about an hour, the doctor was consulting a Urologist and then he came to talk to me, he said ” Well it turned out it’s not a kidney stone like we thought, it’s a growth, about the size of a golf ball, so now you have to go to see a urologist , and he will talk to you about the surgery, so i asked the doctor, is it a tumor? yes he said, then i asked him is it a cancer tumor? and he said we don’t know yet, your urologist will do a biopsy and determine what to do after that.
The result of the biopsy which is still to be done a few days from now is that it’s either benign or cancerous, so if its cancerous they are going to take out the whole kidney, leaving me with just one, which they say that you can live a perfectly normal life with just one, if it’s benign i think they just take out the growth but leave the kidney.
So what do i feel with this unexpected problem, am i scared or freaking out, no not really, i am perfectly calm and in control of my emotions , not that i have a technique to do this by yoga or stuff like that, no i don’t think its that, what really is happening is that i have not accepted that this is happening to me, in other words, a kind of denial that lets me sleep at night, especially if i take the pain killer pill before i go to bed.
Today is June 6 2021

Had to spend a day and night at the hospital but for something unrelated to my kidney problem, what happened was that my lips got all swollen and they had me in the hospital just in case the inflammation would reach the breathing pathways and that would be a life and death situation, so i spent the day and night there with another IV and more stuff injected in me through the IV, they said they were Steroids, this is the first time in my life I’ve spent a night in a hospital and it was an interesting experience, my lips got un swollen by the next morning and by 3 pm i was discharged.
Now i have an appointment with a Urologist on the 10th , next Thursday, that’s going to be my first encounter with reality, is it cancer or is it not.
So here is a new photo i took of the robot they have at the hospital, he is in charge of transporting blood samples to the Lab.

  Sorry for the quality of the photo but it was taken with my Cell phone

I will be adding more of this adventure into the unknown in the following days, i still don’t know why i’m doing this, about putting my personal health problems in this blog, don’t know the reason, it’s like an experiment to see what happens, i would sure like to hear some opinions if there’s anybody out there reading this

Thank You