The Vegas Star Trek Convention

I have been a star trek fan since 1966 when the first ever episode of the first ever Star Trek, i was 12 years old and i was blown away by the series, at that time it was one of the best ones, since then i followed the other Star Treks through the years till today, there’s been some i did not like and did not see, like the one called “The next generation” for some reason it did not have what i liked.
Neither did i like “Deep space 9” , so here i am now at 64 years of age and still watching Star Trek, and going to the “Star Trek Convention in Vegas” this convention took place in August of 2017.
August is not a good month to go to Vegas because of the weather, it gets up to 110 degrees in the summer and that day it was about 106, so walking on the streets of Vegas during the day is a bit difficult, but of course once you are inside a casino your ok, so here we go (wife and me) to Vegas to have some fun and to the convention, my wife very patiently will accompany me to this convention and see all the crazy people that like to dress in Star Trek customes and i say very patiently because she is not a sci-fi fan so she goes anyway.
I had never been to a Star Trek convention before and it’s supposed to be the largest convention of all the Star Trek Conventions taking place around the US and the world, but when i got there i was surprised that it was not that large, it wasn’t small but it was not as big as i had imagined it, The highlight of the convention of course was meeting the actors in person, i got o meet Mr Robert Picardo that portrayed the “Doctor” in Star Trek Voyager” and Paul McGillion that portrayed “Doctor Carson Becket” in Stargate Atlantis
There were many other actors but i only took photos with these two, while taking the photo with mr Picardo, mr McGillion started to try to get into the photo and he managed to get in as you will see in one of the photos, he was just trying to have some fun.
I have some friends and family that have asked me why i like sci-Fi and i really don’t know, what i do know is that we may all need a distraction from daily life and go to where ever your favorite TV shows take you, and while you are there you forget at least for an hour off all the problems and stress of everyday life, that is why we all like to watch our favorite tv shows, to escape reality and at least be mentally somewhere else, in my case i like to travel to other galaxies and fight the bad guys from other planets.
I liked the convention very much and i will definitely go to the 2018 Star Trek Convention.




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