To Experiment Is To Grow

If you do not experiment with your photography you will not find your true calling in photography.
There are several levels in photography that we all go thru, and i am not talking of knowledge or expertise i am talking of your very personal levels of discovery about where you should be in your photography.
We all start as general photographers taking photos of everything in site, then we start to adjust our photography a bit to conform with our tastes and likes, then we stop taking pictures of everything that looks shiny and we start to be a bit more selective, gravitating to our very personal way of seeing, and then we go into adjusting, even more our photography and we stop taking even more pictures and start to enter the world of you, some people will think that it’s not interesting and will stop and go back to just taking regular pictures of bridges and buildings and cats or dogs, but some brave experimenters will find that plunging into the unknown is a very exciting venture and will keep on going even further, and as you go further you will leave the regular photography behind and start to take your photography and hopefully it’s very different than anybody elses, making it unique.
And there’s no other way to do that than experimenting.
I used to take all my photos by looking thru the view finder just like anybody else but one day i started to experiment and put my camera at hip height and flipped the screen 45 degrees so i could see what i was aiming at and started to take pictures that way, and i liked it, now i take all my photos that way, my camera is at hip height or just a bit lower and my screen flipped, and that’s tha way i am taking photos today. The experimenting will never end, it’s an ongoing venture or adventure.
They say that there’s a correct exposure and white balance and composition but i like the incorrect white balance end exposure and composition because the correct way will produce boring regular photos that is why i always take photos in raw because i want to have all the possibilities to adjust everything in Lightroom, i don’t like people to know they are being photographed not even family photos, i like to take photos of people as they really are, i lke sometimes dark photos with a lot of shadows and very little color and sometimes black and white, but i am always experimenting and trying different photography to refine my own style or to find my own style and then experiment even more.

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