What Is Art

Mark Rothko, born Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz, was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent. Although Rothko himself refused to adhere to any art movement, he is generally identified as an abstract expressionist.

The art work on the left is a painting made by mr Rothko, and as the Wikipedia description of the artist says he is of Russian/Jeweish Descent, which must be a very important fact, i think for Wikipedia, that is where i got stuck, trying to figure out why is that bit of information important, unless your descent is important to people, well i don’t know.
Then there’s the painting, this painting is in exhibition at a GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM BILBAO in Spain, and as you can see by the photo
It’s a beautiful Museum. So my question is how did mr. Rothko get a painting like the one in this page to be exhibited in such a prestigious museum? 
I have to conclude that it has to do with the fame of the painter, i don’t think it has anything to do with the painting, or is it that once the fame gets a bit of impulse and one famous art director of some famous museum says he is good then nobody has the balls to say what they really think because they do not want to be considered an ignorant of art, and even if they really think it’s garbage they say” Oh yes i see the abstract genius of the author, this painting is a work of a genius” or something like that, so the author of the painting just takes advantage of the growing fame and becomes famous.
It’s like when you are in a very luxurious house and you are invited for dinner and they have caviar, which by the way you have never tasted before so you go at it to see what the big fuzz about caviar is and once in your mouth you find out that the taste is horrendous, salty and fishy, and somebody next to you tells you “The caviar is excellent is in it and you say “Delicious” and then you look for a place to spit it out without anyone looking, and the person asking probably didn’t like tha taste also but was also pretending.
Same thing happens in photography, people will say what they need to say to be considered a connoisseur but they really don’t like it.
I have been to several photographic exhibitions in the Los Angeles Ca. area and several times to photo exhibitions to the Getty Museum, and have found that most of them are very disappointing, but one of the best exhibitions i have been to far better than the ones in the big museums was one held at the Del Mar Fair that takes place every year at Del Mar California, the exhibition was from many amateur photographers from around California and i saw hundreds of very good and interesting photos, they gave you a piece of paper so you could vote which photo you liked , well i liked many of them, but could not right down all of them so i picked one, at the end of the exhibition they would pick the winners, but to me there were many winners. I have not seen anywhere no matter how big the museum so many good photos like the ones i aw there from amateur photographers and probably from some professional photographers also.
So back to my question “What is Art?”
I could try to define art but i will not because i can’t come up with a good answer, so i don’t know what art is.
I have asked other people related to different kinds of art expression and every single one of them gave me a different answer.
But the point of this post is to let you know what happens sometimes or always when people want to be considered knowledgeable or not ignorant on the subject, they will just pretend, if everybody is pretending to say the right thing because they are afraid to expose their true feelings then we are living in a fantasy world.




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