Break loose

Break loose, break the mold, be a rebel, think out of the box, or the circle or the triangle, rock the boat, etc etc.
If you don’t know you have shackles in your mind then that’s your first problem, we all have blindfolds or shackles that keep us from moving or thinking freely, and by freely i mean your own thoughts not what you are supposed to think or what you would want to think because you want to fit in the group or society or organization etc. So in order to be an extraordinary photographer, you have to get rid of the shackles in your mind and to do that you need to know what you really think and what you have as an added thought or belief.
It’s not about being like some group or famous person or photographer it’s about being more like yourself, be brave and say in photos what who you really are, if you love yellow colors then put yellow in your pictures, and the hell with the world, if you like faces and photos of people in their face and in the center of the frame then go for it, that represents you.
Represent you in your photos not some theory of someone that said the rules were the rules, actually the rules do not apply to 2018 world, in today’s world the lack of rules and the expression of yourself is what rules.
Keep this in mind, everything is invented and it’s temporary, all the styles will go down the drain in a few years and new trends will come to be, everything is a fad that will become irrelevant in time, so break loose of those theories of composition and light and the such, focus on expressing yourself, use photography as the projection of your opinion.

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