What Is Your Passion

Moca Museum Los Angeles
Moca Museum Los Angeles

What i like the most is a series of photos that tell a story and the story in writing.
An example is the National Geographic Magazine, they tell stories with very good series of photos, that is what i want.
I don’t like photos where it’s just the photo and somebody saying “You have to guess what the story is” and i always say “Why” .              I don’t like just an artistic photo of a series of angles that don’t mean anything but angles, or an abstract photo that nobody knows what it is.
So that is my passion, storytelling with a series of photos that will help the narrative.
Of course this is my personal passion and i respect all other types of photography, i personly just don’t like them but i do believe they have a place in the universe and everybody has the right to do whatever they like, i am not saying they are wrong i am just saying what i like and dislike, for me one of the main rules of life is that you should respect the will of other human beings as long as they also respect everybody else’s rights with respect.
I believe with all my heart and soul and anything else that you will not get any better until you develop within your real passion, then and only then will you make progress.

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