Can Everybody Do That

So one night i was sitting on my swing i have in the backyard drinking a beer, you know just relaxing after a day of hard work, and i was looking at the stars, oh boy they looked nice and beautiful, so that put me in an angelical mood so i asked God “God when will i become famous, i don’t really care about being rich, i said, just famous, well ok rich and famous?”

And he answered, “When you do something that nobody else can do”
And i said to him “Thank you God, thank you thank you, God bless YOu”
How could i have not known that before, he was right (Like he always is), most people that get to be famous is because they can do something nobody else can do, well at least in their style, for example singers, there are a lot of singers but the ones that get to be famous is because they are good but not only that they can sing in a very distinctive way that puts them apart from the rest of the singers.
So how can i apply that new found information given to me by the all mighty to photography, how can i make photos that are different from all the photos out there, i’ll just have to change them somehow and make them different, and then i’ll become a national or international sensation, i can just see me in some famous photo magazine “New found photographer “Juan Ortega” is causing an earthquake in the photo community with his photos, everybody wants to be like him”
I think i’ll have to change my name to something more artistic, like “Ivan Denisovich,” Well maybe not that name or i’ll end up in a Siberian jail.
Then right in the middle of that thought God came back and asked me “Why do you want to be famous?” and i answered “Because i need to” to which God asked again “Why do you need to?” oh i said my wife is calling, got to go” i was thinking maybe i should have not done that, what if he gets angry and send a lightning bolt or something and kills me, then i remembered that God is not like that, that he is a loving God, so i went ahead with my night, but the question did not go away it was still there “Why do you want to be famous?” The only answer i could come up with was “Because it would feel really good” which is not a real answer, maybe the answer should be “Because i feel like a bug and i need to be famous to feel like a human, or i need to be somebody, or i don’t want to be just another brick in the wall like mr David Gilmour used to say, ok i think i got a good answer so i went outside again, to my backyard and i said “God are you there?” and i didn’t here an answer so i said well then, this will go on your voicemail ok, so i went on to say “Dear God i am sorry for not answering your question the other night but i got one now and here it is ” I want to be famous because i don’t want to be just another brick in the wall, i want to stand out” That’s it thank you very much and God Bless You again. And then suddenly while i was almost to enter my house i heard him say “Just one moment young man, hear what i have to say ” yes sir i am all ears” I will help you become famous, it will not be easy, i will not give you anything for free, you will have to work hard for it, i will just open the doors for you but you have to be there when they open and have something worthwhile to show, do you understand young man?
Yes sir i do and i am very grateful for your help, then he said: “Dismissed, you can go”.
I said again “Thank you”
So now i am working on doing something worthwhile, and meaningful.
I will let you know when i do something worthwhile and when the doors open.

Thank You so Kindly for reading


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