Do You Want To Know If Your Photos Are Good Do This

No matter how much you have put in making your photos, maybe you have spent all the rent money or you borrowed from your wife’s savings all to buy that very expensive camera you have always dreamed off, and you take the photos and they look just like the ones you took with your phone, only a little sharper, or you not only bought the expensive camera but also you bought that photography

course online or took one of Mr Erik Kims workshops for $2000.00 and you still see no difference in your photos, why you ask yourself why are my photos so plain so ordinary trying to avoid the word bad, then it hits you, you have to return the $4800.00 dlls that you took from your wife’s savings before she finds out, so there is no other way but to return the very expensive camera back to Amazon, you can still return it and take that money and put it back in the bank and everything is good, so you do and she didn’t find out. The camera didn’t take good photos any way you say, but you still have that bad dreadful feeling that you are no good at photography, but why is that you ask yourself. Well here’s an answer, because “YOU DON”T KNOW WHAT A GOOD PHOTO IS” How can you take a good photo if you don’t even know what that is…………….. So……… “HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT A GOOD PHOTO IS ??????
Don’t try to go to photography Gurus for the answer because they will collect the money first and then confuse you with all the theory they have and then you will end up still not knowing.
So the answer is;
You ask everybody and anybody except photographers because they don’t know what a good photo is, they are also lost in definitions and concepts and rules and stuff like that.
So you take a bunch of photos that you think are good, doesn’t matter if you took them or you found them on the internet, then you print them, say you have 20 photos, then you put them in a bag or something and out you go into the world to ask people what they think of the photos, you put a number on the back of every photo or a letter or whatever you want, then as people tell you which photos they like and why you start to make a list of the winners and losers, you have to ask a lot of people, the more people you ask the better, there’s no limit to the amount of time you will put in this, it could take months, but the information you will get will be very helpful, once you have a large number of winner photos you study those photos and see why they said they liked those photos, then you go out and take photos just like the winning photos, and you’ll start to learn what makes a winning photo.
It really comes down to what people like, it may be the colors, very colorful photos, so you take colorful photos, or it may be that they like more photos of people’s faces more than buildings and Eifel towers or mountains, so you start to see where to aim your cannons, i mean your cameras.
It’s not what other photographers tell you is good or this book or that book, it’s what people tell you is good.
Then you will be really learning photography.   

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