How To Be A Good Photographer

Am I, a good photographer
To some people i may be to others i am not, but how about to myself ? do i think i am a good photographer answer is YES, and the reason is………….










because i have produced a few photos that i love, not only like but love, and that is all there is to know. Now this hobby of photography has made me do things i would have never done if i had not incurred and dwelled in this photography thing, one of those is to write in this website, it has made me think of why or what makes a good photo it has made me think of why i take the photos, is it because i like images? is it because i want to be a famous photographer? is it because i want to make money with photography, or is it something else?
Well I’ve discovered by means of diving into my own soul that it’s not about the image it’s not about the camera it’s all about you or me, yes that’s it, it’s all about expression, it’s using a camera to produce a picture that reflects your mentality, if you are just taking pictures of images but do not put your personality in the photos then those photos are inexpressive photos, photos without a message. The stronger the message the better the photo, so in conclusion a good photo is the one that shouts to the viewer what the photographer was trying to get across, and you could say that just taking photos of beautiful scenery is not enough.