Humans And Photography

For some reason unknown to me we humans have the tendency to romanticize everything we do, and by this i mean to try to turn something that is very common or boring into something that is more important than it really is, for example, a plain photograph




of a man jumping, photo considered one of the best from Cartier Bresson, or a very famous painting by Mark Rothko 

worth maybe thousands of $$, but i cannot see any value.
I can not understand this conspiracy perpetrated by many to convince people that if they don’t see the importance well it’s because they are simply not artistically sensitive enough to appreciate this art that is only reserved for the very enlightened artistic sensitive people.
And then they do the same to photography, somebody takes a photo of a wall with some special texture and colors and they call it art, and then they say “If you can not see the art in this photo then you must be an ignorant insensitive neandertal that does not belong here, so you pretend you are not that insensitive bastard and say “Oh this photo or painting is a masterpiece, how marvelously made, the texture, the light and the emotion of this wall almost brings me to tears, grandiose work. But in reality, you are thinking “it’s a piece of crap”.
So due to the fact that i don’t care anymore what people think of me i tell the truth about art, in general, when the art work is crap, i of course do not say it, because i do respect the person who made it, but i do not say “Oh how marvelous work of art” i just keep to myself and don’t say anything.
I’ve been to a lot of art expositions of all types including photographic expos, and i always find photos that are like snap shots of tourists, and they call them art, but i have also been to other expositions where i have seen true photographic art, this exhibit was at the Del Mar Fair photographic exhibit where amateurs and pros can bring their best photos for the exhibit and be eligible to win some money, and that is because it’s like a competition in which all the people that visit the gallery at the Del Mar grounds are given a voting ticket and they can write down which photos they liked and based on that there’s a winner selected, or winners because it’s by category. So check out this link for more info on this event.


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