Give People What They Want

Our times are very unique and special times in relation to photography and the reason for this is that we are being bombarded with enormous

amounts of very good images, via movies, tv, magazines or the internet.
We can not avoid getting used to very intense colored images and very artistic looking images, these images are very different from the ones our cameras take, because these images have been processed to IMPACT your senses, they are not meant to be just for photographers but for everybody and they are very successful in making us stare at the images in amazement, so much that sometimes we don’t even see what they were advertising. So here comes Joe photographer or mary photographer with their tripod, Nikon camera, or cannon, and looking very photographer person, and they take a picture of a mountain and then they put it on their computer and they see that it’s as plain as can be, nothing pops out, for some reason they do not use any program to change their photo to make it better to make it pop out with IMPACT, maybe their afraid of the new technology of this 21st century, maybe they are the type of people that are technologically challenged, but guess what that’s ok not everybody is born to be a computer geek, so in those cases you do the following, you ask a friend that is a photographic geek and you send him/her your raw photos, oh yes they have to be taken in raw that way you can kick the crap out of them and make them shout to the world, then your friend will do the hokaus pokaus on your pictures and then he/she will send them back to you, you see problem solved, you will now have 21st century pictures or photos. “Where there’s a will there’s a way”

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