Music Food And Photography

There are similarities between Music, Food and Photography and here they are;
The similarities are between the musician, the chef, and the photographer
1.- The musician will either be a player of songs or he/she will be a creator of new music (composer)
2.-The chef will either just cook old recipes or create his/her own new recipes
3.- The photographer will also just reproduce what many have

photographed or create his/her own style and give his photos a touch of uniqueness. In some cases create a completely new world by combining a series of photographs.
The reality is that we all as humans have to find our own unique path in whatever we do, i believe we all are born with the urge to create, and whatever it is we will not be happy until we start doing our own thing that we can say “I made it” “It’s my creation” and then we can live happily ever after doing own thing.
The photograph accompanying this very insightful, penetrating and inteligent article is one of my creations, one of my created worlds, it’s a combination of photographs that i like to call ingredients, yes just like recipes in cooking, you combine the ingredients and come up with very delicious photographs, very tasty and tasty to the eye.
In this photo i combined the guitar player, a painting and a statue, and a filter, the photo of the guitar player was taken in San Diego Ca. of a guy all dressed up in white, painted face white, with some dead birds in his guitar and shoulder, probably to get the attention of the people walking  by, the painting photo is the background photo that i took of a painting that was in exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, don’t remember the artists name but it was fom some 400 years ago, the third photo is of a statue of a monk also from the Getty Museum, large real size statue, you can see the monk on the right side of the creation down under the bird on the guitar.
So, i took the singer and transported him to the year 1600 or close (i really don’t remember the year of the painting, but it was close) and i also put the monk there because the monk was telling the singer that he was not permitted to play there and especially wearing weird clothes, that is was prohibited by the church and the monk told him that he could be impaled if he did not obey the rules of the church, to which the player answered, don’t bother me you crazy monk you are already dead and i am not so let me sing my song and maybe i’ll get some money, the story goes on and on, later the singer married the monks sister and they became very good friends etc etc, but that story is for another time. So you see in this photo there’s a ton of story.
Again i thank you for reading and if you have any comments or whatever just comment in the comments section.
Thank you 

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