What Type Of Photographer Are You

One of the toughest things you can do is try to know who you are or what you really are pursuing with your photography.
It’s very easy for almost everybody to see the defects and weaknesses or strengths of everybody else except your own, some people don’t really know themselves. That is why it’s so difficult to know what type of photographer we really are because most of the time we are being a photographer that we which we were, trying to be like somebody you admire, and you neglect to try to develop who you really are, what type of photographer you really are.
Almost all the great photographers got to be recognized not because their photos were the best ones but because of what they brought into existence, something that did not exist before, they did not follow anybody they developed their own unique style based on their own very personal way of thinking.
Most people think that they are uninteresting or that they are just one more in this planet, that their point of view is not important, but the reality is that it’s not true, if only more people would dig deeper into their minds and search for their real selves and put those concepts into pictures then they would be very successful with their photos.
There’s a misconception that photos have to be very beautiful and technically correct to be good, but what i have found is that it’s more important the message of your photo than the beauty, and if it’s a message that nobody has ever seen before, then it will be very well accepted and liked.

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