My Wife Hates My Camera Ep 2

I ‘ve been thinking what to do so i can keep my photographic hobby and also keep my wife, we’ve been married for 44 years, i met her when she was just 17 years old and i was 19, we were teenagers, i can’t believe it, now she is 60 and i am 66, how did that happen well she refuses to say her real age which is 64, and no matter how many times i tell her that people will not believe her she still insists in that lie.


I don’t really believe she would leave me just because of my hobby but she is right i have neglected her because of my hobby and that’s not right, so basically i have to come up with a solution that will keep both of my loves happy, my wife and my photography.
We live in southern California in the city of Murrieta which is kinda in the middle from San Diego and Los Angeles, so in my interest of photography i would tell my wife,”Why don’t we go to San Diego this weekend or lets go to Los Angeles or Palm Springs” but what really sparked my interest in going was to hunt for images, and you know what a photographers wife does while you are taking photos, she just stands there all bored waiting for you to finish taking the photos so you can continue sightseeing, that was before the ultimatum, so i can’t do that anymore, in reality, because i have to dedicate more time to my wife after all photography is not as important as my wife. She once told me that in one of our trips while i was taking some photos and she stood boringly by, that a man had approached her telling her that she looked very beautiful, i didn’t believe her until it happened again in another trip but this time i saw the guy and immediately returned to my wife’s side to let the guy know that she was already taken and married, and i aske my wife “What did he want?” to which my wife answered” He wanted me. what, i said, was he improper in some way, no she said he was very respectful and told me that i was very beautiful, well, i said next time we go out you stick right by me, if i go left you go left if i go right you go right, “Ha”  she answered, i will not do such a thing, you stop leaving me alone and that’s it, she said, to which i just looked at her and did not say a thing.
Maybe if i went to take photos on days other than weekends, she works from Monday to Friday so i’ll just pick a day between Monday and Friday and make it my photo day, after all i am self-employed and can do that, as long as i don’t have to much work i can take a day off, so that is what i’ll do, problem solved,on my next post i will write on  how it went on my first photo excursion by my lonely self.


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