My Wife Hates My Camera

She says that i love my camera more than i love her, could she be right?
I remember it very clearly when my adiction to photography started , it was one of those cold winter days, it was raining and you could hear the wind

blow, what can a 12 year old boy do on a day like that, ah, i remember thinking i’ll go up to the attic to see what i can find, i grabbed a jacket because i knew it was going to be cold up there and in a very silent way i climbed up the stairs to the attic, this place was a place i recoursed to when i couldn’t go out, so there i was looking through some boxes full of old stuff when i came upon a camera, it had a leather thing on the outside and a big knob on the top, it said Minolta, this camera looked interesting, i found a lever and i pulled it and the back part opened up, oh this must be where the film goes, i took it down and asked my mother about it and she didn’t know, she said better ask your father, so i waited for my father to come home from work and i asked him about the camera, he said that it had belonged to a brother of his that had passed away some years ago, so i asked him if i could keep it and he said yes. That was the start of my hobby that lasted for years up until i gave up the hobby for more important things like making money.
I think it was the year 1988 when i gave up on photography and stored my camera in a box in the closet, the years went by, my kids grew up and i started to get old and then one day i saw a digital camera, and that’s when the bug hit again, i got me a camera that i could afford, i believe the year was 2010 or around that time, i got into photography again and this time it was much more interesting because i could see my images the same day in my computer and better than that i could enhance them with a computer software, so i was spending time taking the photos and my wife just waiting for me to take the photo and then spending time in the computer trying to make the photos look better, so my wife finally had enough and she told me either you get rid of that stupid camera or we’re going to have problems, to which i answered ” Are you going to leave me, love of my life” and she said ” Yes and i’m gona get me a handsome boyfriend without a camera, so make up your mind, it’s either the camera or me” to which i answered ” The camera of course” just joking, just joking i said very quickly, you know i prefer you, after all i can’t make love to the camera, so i diffused that problem very quickly but now i had to come up with a plan on how to take photos without her knowing, it was going to be tough but i had to solve that problem now.
To be continued in the next blog post………………

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