The Naive Photographer

The naive photographer is the photographer that follows all the rules while the successful photographers just don’t care for any rules.
Following the rules will put you where all the millions of other photographers are and you will be just one of the millions but if you disobey the rules and are one of the few brave ones then you will be noticed and criticized by the traditional photographers as a rebel and you will not be liked, isn’t that cool?
Breakaway and be free of any mental constraints that they have imposed on you, be original, no better be dramatically original and destructive of the established photographic society, be yourself and not what somebody else tells you you have to be, dare to be you.
Some traditional photographers say “Oh you should not crop in post” “Or they say “If you use photoshop you are not a real photographer” to which i answer ” I don’t give a rats ass what i am, so i am not a photographer, who cares, i’ll keep on taking photos anyway”
Here are some examples of great photos from famous photographers and what they did to get the winning photo.
The last one is Ansel Adams great photo that everyone knows about, that was done by dodge and burn in the printing
stage, a video at the end of this page will show how he did it as told by his son.

 There was no Photoshop back in Ansel Adams times but that did not stop him from manipulating the image in the darkroom and darken the sky in his famous photo above.