Don’t Try To Be A Photographer

Titles come with a baggage, they come with preconceived ideas that sometimes are obstacles to reach your goals. What if you decided on denying you are a photographer, just kick that concept out of your mind, you are not a photographer, you do not accept that title. What if you invent your own title, something closer to what you really are.
What if you go about what you really like doing and then let the titles fall by themselves, do not seek a title, if whatever you are doing comes from the heart the titles will follow and will be given by the people that surround you.


Maybe you are a hunter of dreams or a capturer off emotions or a revealer of secrets and you use your tools to do your job, in that bag of tools there’s a camera, but there is also a sound recorder and a video camera, this are only some of the tools of the “HUNTER OF DREAMS” or “The Dream Catcher”
Some other titles are ” Discoverer of worlds” “Recorder of life” etc.
So next time somebody sees you with your camera and asks you “Are you a photographer?” you can answer “NO” i am a Hunter of Dreams” or a better one is “A revealer of your true self” this one i like because most of the time when we see ourselves in the mirror we see an image that is in a way false because we are not actually putting the face we put in life, so this is where the photo comes in or video, you take a photo or video of somebody when they don’t know they are being photographed or videotaped and then you show them how they really are and look, most of the time they will be surprised at the person they are looking at, this works great in video. some people have even told me “I don’t like me”
So, negate the title of “photographer” and adopt your own title that reveals your true self.



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