Passion In Photography

Passion Is The Fuel In The Fire Of Action.
In order to excel in what you do you have to have a passion about it, passion will make you do whatever you need to do to get to your goal.
They say “Follow Your Passion” and it’s true you should follow your passion, actually, there is no alternative for the person with a passion, he/she will follow their passion no matter what, this does not mean you will be making a living out of your passion, sometimes you have your day job that takes care of the bills but then after work you dedicate your time to your passion and maybe you could make some extra money out of your creations.
In the case of photography sometimes you think photography is your passion but it’s not, sometimes your passion uses photography as a tool but it’s not your main passion and the proof of it is that when you see your photographs even if they are great photos you still don’t feel that complete joy you feel when you are into your real passion, example;
Joe likes photography and specializes in car photography, he takes photos of racing cars because he likes racing cars but his real passion is driving them, so he is trying to satisfy his passion by taking photos of the cars when he should be driving the cars.
Example #2
Joe likes to take landscape photography and he travels a lot taking photos of landscapes, but his real passion is traveling and he takes photos as a second less important passion.
Yours truly, i like photography but it’s not my main passion, my main passion is discovering stories of all kinds, and reading and writing, so photography helps me in my writings, this blog fulfills part of my passion of writing, you could say it’s like journalism in which a photos or photos are needed to transmit a better idea. Maybe i’ll dig deeper and find a more refined version of my passion, but there is no pleasure more pleasurable than following your passion. 

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