Who Are You

Why, i ask myself why is that we feel so obligated to belong to a group, maybe it’s the gene that tells us that we have to belong to a group in order to survive, that may be true, but, and here is the big but, inventions and creations and new things do not come from belonging to a group, and that is because the group will not accept new ideas, they are very strict in keeping the traditions of what has already been accepted, so when somebody comes and tries to bring new ideas to the chair, (table) they are immediately¬† censored as a transgressor of the established rules and regulations and is encouraged to come back to the flock or be forever thrown out into the darkness of the outer world.


But creativity is the act of bringing new ideas and new things into the world so it’s by nature contrary to traditions and rules, a creative artist of any type of art has to be a revolutionary in his field in order to be creative, if he is not a revolutionary then he will just be making the same old things that everybody else is doing, and everybody else will be very happy because he is just repeating what everybody else does.
If rebels of art had not existed in the past we would still be listening to classical music, but no, we have jazz, blues, rock, and tons of other types of music, we would not have Pablo Picassos paintings and Salvador Dali’s paintings and so many other rebels of the arts that very bravely decided to rebel and create their own version of the art, and having to suffer the criticism of other artists of those times.
Same thing happens in photography, are you just taking the regular same old photos just like everybody else or are you a daring to be a rebel and breaking all the rules in order to bring out your creativity no matter what?
Who are you?

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