Losing Your Identity As A Photographer

Most photographers do not have an identity as photographers, or to put it another way, they follow the path of other photographers and leave their own path or their own identity hidden because they don’t think it’s important or they are afraid to put out there their real selves.
So their photos reflect what they think others will accept and not what they really want to express, so little by little they put a false personality in their photos and by doing so they lose their identity, it’s like the person that puts a fake face in front of people and hides their real one, and they do that all their lives. Some don’t even know that the photos should be an expression of your opinions, feelings, anger, fears, etc. in other words you.
I took the photo above back in a trip we took to Washington DC and what i am trying to say with this photo is a feeling i get from the present administration in Washington and it’s like Washington went into a different dimension in which everything is weird even the clouds.


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