The Freak Factor

I don’t know if i have written about the freak factor in the past, i know i did but here it goes anyway.
Some people are very lucky because they just follow their very special talent that they were born with and they do not listen to the always present critics that want to control you. Unfortunately, not everybody has the strength of character to reject the always present critics that tell you that you will not be able to do what you want to do, they’ll say that your innate talent is not good enough and sometimes people will believe these critics and then you end up doing something that is acceptable by their standards but you end up being very unhappy and depressed, and always dreaming of what you could have done in life.
This Ebook that i am going to share with you helped me a lot to accept that i am ok the way i am, that what many think is a weakness in me is actually a strength, that you should know what your strengths and weaknesses are and develop your innate strengths even if the people around you say they are not well accepted, and forget on developing your weaknesses that it’s better to spend that time in developing your innate strengths, that way you will be happier in life.

Author Of The Freak Factor “David J Rendall”

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