The Joy And Deception Of A New Camera

You’re waiting for the UPS driver to arrive, the website said he should be at your address between 9 am and 9 pm so you wait by the window for all that time,

finally he arrives and he just leaves the box at your doorstep, what an irresponsible guy (The driver) he just left a very expensive camera at my doorstep, what if somebody had stolen it, well it’s a good thing i stayed vigilant all day waiting, so now i take the box and open it in the kitchen table, i see the inside box and it looks beautiful, full of details with all the features of my new camera, wow, then i open up the box and there it is, in all it’s glory, and with a lens also, comes with a manual that i will never use and battery and all the trimmings.
I don’t care that the battery is only 1/4 charged i stick an sd card and out i go to take some pictures, 30 minutes later i return because the battery is dead, so i take the SD card out and stick it into my computer to see the results of my $4500.00 camera, the previous camera had cost me around $900.00 now this one should be much better because it cost me 5  times more, so i start opening the photos, and i start to get a weird feeling in my gut, like when you realize something is not right, and after about 30 minutes of analyzing the photos i can’t see any difference from the photos i used to take with my $900.00 dollar camera that i have already stored in the closet, my explanation was that i took the photos in a hurry and that i should be more careful, so i wait till the batery is full and i go out again to take more photos to test the camera, and  then after going thru the process of openong the new photos in my computer i realize that the photos look the same as the photos of my old camera, then the idea of returning the camera start to invade my mind, so the following day i package the camera again and i return it, it was a good thing having bought it thru Amazon because you can return anything with no problems, the following day i had my money back in my credit card. I promised myself i would not do that anymore, i had to convince myself that a more expensive camera would not make me a better photographer, this was the fifth time i had returned a camera, although it was the first most expensive camera i had bought in my life. But i had learned the lesson, i hope.