The Nikon Z6 and Z7 why i will not buy it

The most talked about camera today are the New Nikon Z6 &Z7 cameras that just came out from Nikon.
The Z6 is 24mp and $2600.00 with a lens, the Z7 is 45.7 mp and it’s $4000.00 with lens.
 What i always do before i buy something that is expensive, well at least for me i imagine i have already bought it and then

i imagine i am using it and then i imagine what i will get out of it after i have used it, in this case the Z7, now i know you are asking “How can you know before you actually have the product in your hand what is going to happen afterwards? Well what i am trying to do with this imaginary events is trying to make myself put my feet on the ground, and it actually helps, sometimes my imaginary trip will tell me that it’s a waste of money that the benefit i will receive is so small that it’s not worth the money spent.
In the case of this brand new Nikon Z7 my excitement and my need to have the latest gadget tells me that it would be very exciting to buy this camera, which i would have to buy on credit because i don’t have $4000.00 just laying around, well we have in our savings but that money is guarded by my wife who guards it like fort knox, if it were for me i would already spent it all on cameras and related stuff, so it would have to be credit and then i just would pay it in the next 20 years, but then i do my trip in my imagination, i buy the camera (in my imagination) then i get the camera i open the box, then i get it all setup with the battery and sd card and then i go out and take some pictures and then i come back to my computer and put them on lightroom and then reality hits me like a ton of bricks, the photos from the very expensive Z7 look just like the ones from my D5300 or my A6000 or my A6500 or my D3300, then i put back everything into the original box and return the camera to Amazon, the mirage or ilusion or whatever you call it has dropped from my mind, and then i ask myself the question “Why were you thinking that this camera would do miracles?” and then i answer myself “I don’t know” ” Maybe i was hipnotized by the adds, or it was black magic, or something similar, well that’s why i will not buy the camera, what for? it won’t make better pictures, the reality of the situation is that we already have what we need in the cameras that we have, they are like the best tools we could need, the problem is not the camera, the problem is us, we the hobby photographers that still want to believe that a camera will make all the difference and that the camera will make us the best photographer in the planet, that’s a mistake, you have the best camera already and you already know all the technics so the only thing missing is a PLAN, yes a PLAN, to take better pictures you have to plan them and then go get them (the pictures).
If you are the type that does not know what to photograph in advance, with no plan, and you just go out and just expect to find a good photo by luck, well it’s not impossible but it’s like winning the lotto, it’s not impossible but highly unlikely.
Some photographic articles say that you can find good photos everywhere no matter where you live, but that’s not true, if you live in a boring place your photos will be boring that is if you are relying on beauty for your photos, but if you are taking photos to tell interesting stories then you will find interesting photos anywhere, and by stories i mean real-life stories like in the newspaper.
Go out there and take photos of the oldest store owner in your town of 1000 people, and then ask him/her about their business and you will get your story, then you put the pictures and the story in your blog and that will be interesting photos because of the story. That’s the only way to make interesting photos in a place where there’s nothing interesting to photograph. Yes like a photojournalist. 

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