The Most Problematic Word

I am not much into grammar, even though i like to write, but in my years of living on this planet I’ve learned a thing or two, i have learned that words either spoken or written have the power to create many feelings in humans, so i have divided words according to their power, so they are ;
Strong, neutral, warm, and necessary, in this post i will only explain one of the most important within the group of necessary, and that word is……….

The word why is a very powerful word because it has the power to cut, it has the power to dissect, to make you think, it is the antidote to a brainwash, and i have to explain what a brainwash is because it’s a concept that has many meanings, so to me brainwash is when somebody is trying to convince you of something without giving any explanation, without any evidence or facts to base their words, so if you ask “WHY” and that will bother the brainwashing person because he will have to prove what he is saying, you will stop that person from continuing. 
You also should always ask yourself “Why” why do i say what i say, why did i get angry, why am i sad etc. you will get to know yourself better by doing this.
The word “WHY” will make you think, will make you use that part of your body that reasons, your brain and when you ask somebody “Why” you are making them also think, sometimes people don’t even know why they say what they say, or even teach what they teach, they know the information but they don’t know why that information is.
To ask “WHY” can be used in every aspect of life and in whatever you are learning, always find out if your teacher is a repeater or if he actually knows the source of his teachings, which brings me to the teachings of photography, ask your teacher why the rule of thirds should be used, ask to see where those rules came from and why they were invented. Always ask “WHY” and some people will just give illogical answers like ” Because the photos look better” or ” That’s the way everybody does it” “Because Leonardo da Vinci said so” but they will not be able to give a good answer because there isn’t, in reality a good answer although some people think that just because other famous people did it that is enough reason as to why.

What governs photographs and any type of visual art is tastes, and being practical, like fo example, if you’re taking a photo of a person who is very interested in a car race that’s taking place in front of him then it’s practical to put her on the left side of the frame and the race on the right side, so the observer of the photo can see what’s so interesting, this photo is probably not very artistic but actually more practical, not all photos are artistically orientated, some photos are more narratively than artistic, so in conclusion, my advice is to always ask why, that is if you dare, if fear does not keep you from speaking up if the disapproving looks of your peers don’t make you melt. 

A good place to ask why is in your religious group or church, but then you may end up being escorted out of the church for asking “Why”