The requirements For Letting Your Creativity Come Out

Creativity is equivalent to Freedom. If you are not mentally free you will have problems getting your creativity unstuck, it will be difficult for you to be creative.

1.-So first requirement is to be FREE. I will explain a bit further what i mean by free. When you have preconceived ideas of what photography should be and how it should be done then you already have obstacles that will prevent you from being creative. Obstacles like, “You should frame your photo” “the rules of thirds” “Symmetry” “Perspective” etc. A free creative mind will consider those rules or will eliminate them completely, a mind that is not free can not take photos without the rules and traditions of Photography.

2.-Requirement #2 You do not care what other photographers say about your photos, you never ask them for their opinion.

3.- Requirement #3 You really don,t care much about the technical aspect of the photo because you are focused on the scene not the camera, you take RAW pictures anyway and set you camera to one-stop under in aperture priority that way you can play with the settings later in Photoshop or lightroom.

4.- You never read blogs or watch Vlogs on how to take better photos or what camera just came out because you really don’t care, they have their way of taking photos that maybe work for them but you have your own set of rules that you invented for your photos.

5.- You can not belong to any photography club because they would hate you and probably hang you by your privates until you confess your transgressions, and they will try to bring you back from your wicked ways and into the flock.

6.- You only have one camera and one lens, that’s all. And as long as they work just fine you will keep on using them. These are the main requirements for a free mind that can give creativity the opportunity to fly like a bird free of all the weights that most photographers have in their head.

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