The Two Types Of Photos

Juan Ortega Photography

You will produce either technical photos or emotional photos.
Why you ask? well great question;
Because 99.9% of amateur/ enthusiastic photographers can only put their heart (Focus) in one or the other but very rarely on both.
Either you are a technical photographer or an emotional photographer.
Women tend to be better photographers because they are more emotional photographers than men, we (Men) are more into technical photography and these types of photographs can be perfect photos but they are lifeless, without a soul, cold etc etc.

When you see a female photographer out in the streets or outdoors somewhere, follow her (without her noticing, of course, she may think you are a creep or a dirty old man or something) but follow her to see what she takes photos off, then when she points her camera at something try to guess why she took that photo, or if possible ask her, she is probably going say “Because it’s cute” then you’re in trouble because you don’t know what that is, you have heard the term “Cute” before but you’ve never found out what cute is and what is not cute, i recommend you go to the dictionary to find out what women find cute. So you take notes and put “Cute” at the top of the list, then you keep on following women photographers until you learn how to take emotional photos, and the reason, of course, is that you want your photos to have a soul not cold and lifeless technical perfect photos, i prefer an imperfect photo full of soul and life than a perfect one that lacks soul.
But when you finally learn how to take cute photos and somebody asks you why you took that photo do not i repeat do not say “Because it’s cute” better say “Because it vibrates with emotion and has a soul of its own” Yeah that’s better.
So in conclusion:
There are many ways to learn how to take better pictures, this is just one way, but remember focus on emotions and forget about the technical stuff, you can not focus your mind on both, if you hunt emotional scenes your photos will be a lot better.

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