What Is Passion

My definition of passion is this;
First of all, Passion is a force, this force lives within you and demands you to move in the direction of your object of Pasion.
Passion happens,

it just happens and you do not have any control over it, it dominates your existence, it does not care who sees your work of art or if they approve or not, your art that was created because of your passion is there because you did not have any choice but to do it, your art is not created because you want people to see it, it would have been created even if you lived by yourself in a deserted island.
Don’t mistake passion with other motives, like wanting to be noticed, if this is your case then you still have to find your passion in order to do your best work, if you follow your passion you will be at your best in what you do.
Some photographers find it easier to be technical in their photography than to be creative and following their passion.
Creativity and Passion are not constrained by the limitations of rules or traditions or whatever anybody says, that is the beauty of creativity, you are free to do whatever you like, and if you are worried with what people might say, then you are putting too much importance to what people say and that is because you want peoples approval, if this is the case then your creativity is being hindered by that motive.
There is no better feeling than to be free and not belong to any school of thought, be your own school of thought, be you.