The Domino Effect

I don’t know if this name (domino effect) can be applied to this concept but it’s when somebody believes something to be true just because they heard it from somebody else, not because they researched to see

if it’s true, but just because somebody else said it or they read it somewhere so one person starts the concept rolling and then it’s picked up by somebody and that somebody will take it further and then after sometime it propagates and everybody believes it to be  real and true, and by then there are thousands of people arguing that it’s true.



And that is the way you turn a lie into truth, an example of that is the growing amount of people being convinced that the earth is flat.
Same happens in photography, somebody tells you that a very famous photographer from the 40s or 50s took incredible photos and that’s the popular belief but then you look at his photos and you don’t see anything extraordinary about the photos, so you have to decide to either repeat what everybody else is saying even if you disagree or tell the truth, but if you tell the truth you could end up being considered a persona non grata in your group, and then you will be all alone in the middle of the desert just waiting to be eaten by the vultures,
So are you a sheep that only follows the rest of the sheep or are you an independent that will fight the vultures until they leave.
All the famous of the past and the present became extraordinary photographers not because they took great pictures but because they were brave enough to do something different that set them apart from the rest, and eventually that is what made them stand out, their photos were not bad but it was their uniqueness that made them famous.
So if you want to have your photos considered good just make them different, focus on being different but based on your way of being. Most people are afraid to open up their inner selves because they don’t want to be in a vulnerable situation and i don’t blame them, but you have be bold and not give a damn and just do it, be yourself, bring out the true persona in you.


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