Why I Chose Street Documentary Photography

Venice Beach Ca.

Is it street photography or is it documentary photography?
How about the new, just released type of photography called ” Street Documentary Photography”
I don’t know how new types of photography starts and who gives them the name so i am starting this new type of photography, and i am doing so because somebody has to start, will it pick up? i don’t know, but i’ll give it a try.
So what is it?
It’s a photo with a story, it could be a very short description of what’s going on in the picture or it could be a very in-depth story of the subjects in the photo.
It’s more fun because you are not only just a photographer you are now a detective that is finding out more about your subject, and  furthermore, you are learning.
It puts a reason to take the photo, it gives it a purpose, it’s not just the photo it’s also the story.
This type of photography starts with the story and then you add the photos, what i mean is that you first discover a story and then you add or take the photos that will go with your story.
So you can make it a small difference from a regular street photography or make it into a complete series of photos about the story you have picked.
All humans love stories, ever since we were children we have loved a good story, it didn’t matter if it was all fantasy, we loved a good story and as adults we still do, that is why a lot of people like to read novels and we all like to watch movies which are also just stories.
So why not start making your photo stories.
You can make a photo story about many things, people, cars, a toolbox, a place etc. The trick is not only to put the description of what you are writing about but also the feeling, very important to put the feeling in the story. Like i said, it does not have to be a large in depth story, it can just be a description of the place and where it is, or who the person is, just a bit of information is good. Now if you are more into investigating, why not do some research (investigating) and add what you find, there are many interesting treasures (stories) to be found just waiting to be shared with the world.
Now where do you put your photos and stories, a blog is a good place, i will teach you how to set up a blog and start to put your photos and stories shortly.

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