Why I Gave Up On Photography

I started my photography hobby in 1965 at the tender age of 12 years old, then after 20 years i gave it up because i got tired of not being able to get the photos i wanted, plus i had more important things to think about that were taking all my attention, like making money to put food on the table for my family of 3 kids a wife a dog and a parrot, so i gave it up.
But as soon as the digital cameras came out i was back again to my old hobby, this time i did manage to get the photos that i wanted.
But some years later the thought again entered my mind, i was getting tired or bored with my hobby, and i couldn’t pinpoint the reason for that unholy dreadful feeling that ended in despair and also made me feel a bit lost.
But after a lot of meditating and searching into my inner self i finally found the cause, it was that i had reached my goal of creating the photo that i always wanted to make and after i did that i had reached my goal, it was like climbing Mount Everest and getting to the top , then what, do you go down the mountain and climb it again? that would not be very attractive to my soul. So i decided to search again into my most inner self, right there where the soul meets the mind and guess what? i found a new passion, one that was hidden probably my me, and why did i do that? i don’t know and i really don’t think it’s important, but what i found was that i liked photojournalism and photo documentary, then i remembered that i have always liked that probably ever since i started to read, i have always liked to read and if what i was reading had photos then it was better. I remember that this started back when i got a gift subscription to “National Geographic” magazine, i remember reading most of the articles and while i looked at the great photos, those photos were really captivating, that’s when i realized that what i have always liked was photojournalism or photo documentary photography, why had i not done this before, why did i go to try to take other types of photos instead of pursuing photojournalism or photo documentaries, i don’t know.
This type of photography is a bit more difficult because it’s not just about getting there and positioning yourself in the best spot and clicking away, it’s a lot of research and reading and knowing your subject to be able to write about it, but it’s more satisfying, it’s more rewarding, at least to me it is.
So now that i have found my new never-ending goal, i hope to publish my stories here in this website and hope they are interesting to all.
Thank You

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