Who Are You

What does your personality have to do with photography? read on.

Our basic instinct when we are growing up is to hate ourselves because we have a few different personality weirdnesses or oddities and we have to hide them because we want to be accepted by the crowd , so being different is almost a bad word, almost equal to having a very contagious disease so nobody wants to be seen with you, so you spend all your time while growing older trying to hide those personality oddities and imitating the very accepted ones, but then when you grow older they tell you “Think Out Of The Box”

o’ really you say, i just finished putting the finishing touches on my box and it took me a long time to fit in the damn box and now the established society rulers tell me i have to think out of the box, how in the world am i going to do that, and why?
And due to the fact that i like to read a lot i immediately started to look for a book that would enlighten my poor understanding of this thing called “think out of the box” insanity, and  found that it was not so much of an insanity, actually it was something good and i started to like it and i found out that i could finally let my personality oddities be free of their imprisonment to which i had put them in, i was wanting to let them out, and guess what, they didn’t want to come out, they were kinda very afraid to come out into a strange world they had almost never known, but i managed to bring them out little by little, but wait…..what has this to do with photography you ask? well it has to do with the fact that the more you put of your personality in your photos the better they will be, and they will be better because they will be unique, better photos do not necessarily mean they have to be beautiful or technically perfect, but they have to be unique and you are going to put that uniqueness by putting your personality in them, the more personality the better, make your photos a projection of you by putting in them what you think, what you like and what is important to you, and if you are like me a little or a lot different, or to put it in different words “sophisticated or excentric” then you will have an advantage, yes put your excentric views in your photos and they will be great.
Let me put it differently, beautiful and technically perfect photos are good and everybody likes them but there are millions of those, but unique one of a kind INTERESTING  photos like the ones you can make are much better photos because interesting will always win over beautiful, and if you add uniqueness then they will be extraordinary and if you add beauty then OMG, they will be fantastic.

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