Are you an artist

Here are some of the personality traits of an artist

  1. When it comes to his art he is alone, he never asks anybody if his work is good because he knows it’s good.
  2. He lives in his own world
  3. He is not a follower of anybody
  4. He has a big ego or a crazy one.
  5. He likes being alone with his work
  6. He is 100 percent anti traditions
  7. He hates rules,he will always pick to walk the hills instead of the roads
  8. He is more interested in how people eat the cake instead of the cake
  9. You like to travel to other planets
  10. You like to travel back in time and to the future too.
  11. When you see a picture of Antarctica you start to feel cold
  12. When you see a picture of a tropical forest you feel the heat and can smell the humidity and you even feel a bug sting you on your sweaty dirty back.


An artist can not stop doing his art it’s impossible, he or she may be a carpenter a plumber or a lawyer or doctor but in his/hers free time he will return to being an artist, he just does the other job for survival and to be able to buy stuff for his art.
The main characteristic of an artist is his/hers sensitivity to whatever type of art he likes, some people are sensitive to music and others to the visual arts, and some to the movement arts, so he will have his senses acute to his likes.

There are no good or bad artists, there are only misguided artists or artists that have not found their style or voice.
There’s a misconception that an artist is born with a talent and if you are not born with a talent you are not an artist, first of all the people that do not have any artistic sensitivity will not care about artistic things, but if you have an artistic sensitivity in you then you will be interested in a certain artistic type. But then you have to develop your own artistic persona, in whatever you like to do, the musician will practice for hours and days and months and years until he is producing art, same goes for the painter, writer, photographer etc.
If it were easy everybody would be able to do it and it would not be worth much.

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