Blue Eyes

As her eyes met mine i started to feel this strange feeling inside my soul, it was something i had felt before many years ago that was almost forgotten, so much that it felt strange but at the same time i liked it, little by little the feeling started to grow as our eyes kept on meeting as she danced, i finally realized what the feeling was, it was ” Love” yes love like the kind of love you can not stop once it happens and you forget where you are and what you are doing you only have eyes for her, but there was a problem…………..
I was already married and she was many years younger than me, what now, why does this happen, i don’t know but it does, it is a sad situation because i would never ever think of pursuing a relationship that has so many years of difference plus i love my wife. So is it possible to love two women at the same time? or maybe three, i don’t know, but what i know is that sometimes it happens.
So i just took the photo of my platonic love.

(fictitious story, any similarity to reality is just coincidence and not to be taken seriously)
This is just another experiment in photography.


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