Know Yourself


Why is it important to know yourself? because in yourself there’s a treasure only accessible by you, in yourself there is the one characteristic needed to be a great photographer, and that characteristic is your very personal way of looking at the world, at people at everything, so the more you let your inner self come out in your photos the better the photos will be.
Do not make the mistake of thinking that a great photo is made of  a good composition and following the rules of photography, that is false, a great photo will be the one you take of your way of seeing the world, then after you have the image then you can apply whatever rules you like, the image is 90% of what makes a great photo but you do not know what a great image is so you don’t really know where to aim the camera until you choose the scene you are going to photograph based on your way of seeing and thinking and feeling.
But that’s not all, once you find what you like then you have to inject or infuse your image with the most important elements of photography, drama, action, humorous, etc. in other words there has to be something happening, and that does not include the passive and boring things that happen in life like walking, sitting, etc, .
I like to focus the attention of the photograph on the most important part of the human body for a photograph and that is THE FACE.

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