Requirements Needed To Be A Good Photographer

Juan Ortega Photography

# 1

Don’t be a sheep follower of the masses

Take all the rules of photography put them in a bag, pour some gasoline over them and set them on fire. And while they burn then take out a good whiskey or wine or whatever you want and celebrate their death.
Have the balls or Cojonnes or courage or whatever you want to call it to tell everyone in the photography club to go to hell, you don’t need them anyway.
Invent your own rules, for example, “The rule of eighths” “Optus lines” “sad spaces” “Delineated anxiety” ” Dislocated Happiness” “Unfortunate fears” etc.

Never ask another photographer his opinion about your photos, why? Because it is a dumb thing to do, because nobody know or understands  what you have in your innermost being, what will anybody know about your fears, your insecurities etc.
# 6
Get away as much as you possibly can from other photographers who only are good ay poisoning your mind with bullshit that they don’t even understand, don’t let the mental poison reach your brain, the cleaner you have it the better.
# 6
Compare your photos with those of the other photographers and if they look like your photos then you are doing something wrong, your photos have to be completely different, just look at what others do to know what not to do.
# 7
Forget about Beauty, beautiful photos are already very devalued, better focus on taking photos that express your most intimate feelings, such as anxiety, happiness, insecurity, feelings of loneliness, fears, strengths etc.
If a photo does not make you feel “Fear, Happiness, sadness, joy, anger, love, or any other feeling then your photo is worth nothing, if it does not move you how do you expect to move somebody else.

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