Is That All There Is?

I got frustrated with regular photography, you know the photography of just clicking away and that’s it, i did try to see if following the rules they talk so much about would do the trick and they did for a while but then i got tired of that also, and i asked myself “It’s that all there is”?

Well i answered myself, ” If that’s all there is my friend then lets keep dancing we’ll bring out the booze and have a ball if that’s all there is”
That’s when the idea of altering the photos entered my mind, what if i change the reality of the photos, what if ?, so i did, and guess what, it felt good, now i can’t help myself, once you start to sink your teeth on a photo and altering the substance of it you don’t want to stop, your creative juices start to flow and away we go never to know where we will end up, that felt sooo gooood.
So the photo above is one of my works of art, it’s a piece i have titled “Insomnia” and that is because that’s the way i see the world when i can’t sleep, which happens once in a while.
Come and join me into the world of artistic creation in photography where everything is permitted and nothing is censored, you are free to express your most inner feelings or your most inner fears, does not matter what you express as long as you bring it out and let it live in the eyes of the beholder, once out it will have wings of it’s own and you will not know where it will end up or what it will do, but you have to bring it out before you explode or implode whichever comes first.


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