Why Do You Take Photos?

I take photos because i want to see if i can express my inner anxieties and insecurities through my photos, or be able to say what i could not say out loud. ( I think) maybe it’s something else,

maybe it is a way of being somebody, trying to do something meaningful that would transcend the boundaries of time and space and become immortalized thru my photos, but i found out that my photos were not really that good or significant to the population in general, so i decided to stop taking pictures for a bit, well at least in the way I was taking them, i am incurring in the world of video, maybe I’ll be immortalized because of my videos, sure hope it happens before i die, maybe a mix of photos and videos.
So what happens when you realize that all the money invested in cameras and all the time invested in taking photos did not make you an immortal?  huh, what happens, yeah tell me? well i’ll tell you what happens, you go into a reality that’s very different than the one that you were in, you enter the reality of the real world and you finally realized you are only another brick in the wall, you are only one of the trillions of sand pebbles on the beach, you realize you are a tiny itzi bitzi speck in the enormous galaxy of constellations, and that nobody gives a crap about your photos, well maybe except for your sister your wife and your mother. So like i said i am incurring in videos to see if i can make myself be noticed and at least get some recognition for my incredible videos and become immortal.

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