The Boring Photographer

It was a beautiful day at the Oceanside Pier where they had a celebration called “The Festival Of Colors” a festival that originated in India and celebrates diversity on planet earth, the celebration consists of music of Indian rhythm dancing and colored powdered being blown from somewhere to the public.

The music was very rhythmic and good, and like any other photographer I was documenting the event for some unknown reason, maybe because that is what photographers do, we document events and life while we just look thru the viewfinder and watch life go by, we don’t participate, we think we are above the actions of the local natives that are dancing in their ways, but while i was looking thru the viewfinder and watching the happiness and fun the natives were having i started to feel a sensation in my legs, it was like my legs had a mind of their own, they were starting to move at the rhythm of the song, what is this? i thought, my legs want to dance, ha i said no way i am a documenter of life and i am going to photograph this manifestation ritual of these natives in their worship to the god of color, but my legs still wanted to dance, i looked around to see if there was anybody known to me just in case i started dancing like a crazy lunatic and embarrass my family name, there was no one, and for a split second i let my body go wild and started dancing but it only lasted a few seconds i regained my composure and went back to who i was, a documentarian of life events in the wild wild west.
After a few minutes i moved on to document a different event, but the feeling of sadness stuck with me as i left that event and sadder because i did not participate, i started thinking if this documenting thing was worth it, who is going to really care about the religious rituals of the locals, maybe i should just throw myself into the joy of living life instead of documenting shit, (sorry about the shit word, i just found it very appropriate) maybe this boring photography stuff is preventing me from living “la vida loca” (Living the crazy life” soon i will not be able to walk because of the elderly condition I’ll be in and then i’ll regret not doing this or that, or maybe i can document from inside the event, what if i could dance and take a video at the same time yeah I’ll merge the two things and bring a new type of photography into existence and i’ll call it, “photography from the inside”
why not, yes that will be my goal now “Photography from the inside of the action.
I have found a new goal in life, from now on you will see the action within the action instead of just documenting the event.
Thank You for visiting this blog i wish you well and happiness.

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