The Times Of Our Life

I was talking to a young man the other day, maybe in his 30s, and he told me “Man i wished i had been around in the 60s” and i told him, i was, i told him, no big deal, what’s so special about the 60s? i asked him, well he said, it was a very interesting time, it’s when the moon landings happened, rock n roll you know, all the great rock n roll bands happened, yes i said and also Vietnam, it was not all beautiful you know, yes but it was a very interesting time, well let me tell you, i said, i was there in the 60s, in 1966 i was 13 years old and i remember that to me it was just another day, nothing special happening, just like today, yes the music was great, i heard on the radio all the hits and everything and on the 6 oclock news they always told you the count of dead of the soldiers in vietnam, the dead Vietnamese soldiers was always higher than the American soldiers, and Walter Cronkite always said we were making progress in the fight against the communist invasion of Vietnam, in those days Russia was the devil, then in the 80s Russia was a friend now their the devil again, so my point here is i didnt feel like they were special times, it was just life happening, if i knew what i know now i would have taken a lot of photos, so i told my young friend, it’s like today, you don’t see how extraordinary these days are because to you they are just another day in life but for somebody from 40 years into the future he could say ” I wish i could have been there in the 19s (2019) it was a very exciting and interesting time to be living in” so imagine you just came out of a time machine and you landed in 2019, you are from the year 2060 or 2100, and no matter what the future will bring it will be different, and we are living history right now, things we take for granted in 100 years they will be museum pieces, so take photos of things that are very 2019, things that seem unimportant, take them for the people of the year 2100, and make sure you print your photos because by then they could have a very diferent way of looking at photos electronicly but paper photos will always be easy to see. Take photos for today people and take some for the people of the future, so they can see how life was in the year 2019, you never know what’s going to happen.

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