The Secret Of A Good Photo

If you ask any photographer ‘What is a good photo?” you will probably hear “It’s the photo that has the best composition” or ” The one with the correct exposure ” etc etc
In reality “A Good Photo” is a concept that will be different from one person to the other.
The other thing is that this concept has changed thru the years, in today’s world you have photos that leave the great photographers of the past well behind, they can not even compare to the photos taken today, and in todays times with so many photographers taking millions of photographs it’s almost impossible to come up with a photo the is not boring just because you have seen it thousand of times, the same photo just a little different, so beautiful photos are not anymore a determining factor in being a good photo, so you are only left with the only alternative left, being different.

We spend all our lives trying to blend and trying to be like everyone else because you want to fit in and be part of a group that you eliminate any trait or talent that would make you different than everyone else, that by the time you are 30 you have succeeded in blending in, but now you find out that in order to succeed you have to be different, because different is attractive, but you find yourself struggling to find your buried and almost destroyed unique you, the one that is different.
So the new method of making your photos good is thru your own interpretation of the world, that would make your photos unique and by doing that make your photos good and outstanding.
Of course the photos still have to be made with the intention of giving the viewer a good understanding of what you want to convey with your photo, it’s not just the image it’s also the message, your photos have to have an intention, a purpose.
It’s the act of showing people something that only you notice and making it shown thru your photos to the world, and by doing that your photos will be unique, and by being unique they will be good.

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